Please be advised that we will be holding the AGM for the 2023 season on Friday 16th February, starting at 6:30pm in the Barlow Library.

Your committee have been working to update the Club Constitution, in line with recommendations from BCGBA and our affiliated Counties, plus best practice taken from other club constitutions as part of the review.

I will send out an Agenda, the Constitution and other documents in due course.

Please also note that as a result of the recent untimely death of Ian Harvey, we are looking for another volunteer to be Club Treasurer.  The Club cannot function without a treasurer so please consider carefully if you are able to help in this way.  Nomination forms for Committee members will follow.

Please send me any Proposals for inclusion at the AGM, noting that both Proposer and Seconder must attend the meeting.  I will need to receive any Proposals NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY 7th FEBRUARY so that they can be discussed at our next Committee meeting.

Also, as Ian organised many of the Club Competitions, we are looking for additional volunteers to help with running competitions during the forthcoming season.  Round Robin and Knockout pro-formas are available to help.  We aim to continue with two competitions per month, of varying formats.

League teams – in a change from previous years, in order to simplify and speed up league registrations, it will be a working assumption that those who bowl in the various leagues will want to play for the same teams this season.  You only need to advise of any changes from last year, i.e. movements between the existing teams / leagues.

As a slight incentive to come along and participate, it is our intention to provide pie and peas or similar for members attending the AGM.

Please advise me if you are unable to attend so that your apologies can be presented to the meeting.



Secretary EBC, 07482 628500