If you haven’t already signed up, now is the time to get into the 50 Club with a chance of winning big!!!

Edgworth Bowling 50 Club

The 50 Club is a fundraiser which runs annually from April to September.

50% of funds raised are given as prizes and 50% are retained by the club for unrestricted use.

To enter you must buy a number for £12 (you may buy more than one number).  Entry is available to Members and immediate family.

The scheme is administered by the Club Secretary.  To join please email your details to [email protected].  Once accepted, you may pay by cash or, preferably, by bank transfer to the EBC bank account.

There will be 12 numbers drawn between April and September, in front of independent witnesses.

Once a number has been drawn it becomes ‘dead’ and is removed from future draws (I.e. each number can only be drawn once).

The winners will be notified as soon as practicable and payment made by cash or bank transfer (upon request).

Once all 12 numbers have been drawn, the scheme ceases to operate until a new scheme is introduced.