As we had three men and three ladies for this competition, we decided to play mixed pairs, and had a draw to decide partners.  Rather than have a knockout where one pair would only have got one game, I decided to do a round robin so they got two games each.  The results were done on a wins first, then aggregate, basis and the results were as follows:

Match 1:  Mike Dickenson and Carol Middlefell 21

John Haslam and Barbara Butterworth 19

Match 2:  Kevin Breen and Val Workman 21

Mike Dickenson and Carol Middlefell 15

Match 3:  Kevin Breen and Val Workman21

John Haslam and Barbara Butterworth 20

Though each game was 21 up with 5 each on the card, it still took more than 3 hours to play the matches because the games were so close and the teams so well matched!  The result was that Kevin Breen and Val Workman won the competition.

Ian Harvey