Congratulations to the winners of the trophy – Peter Russell and Nigel Duckworth.

This competition was mainly run by Paul Booth.  There were 16 entries at £1 and they were organized into 8 pairs.  A round robin was played in 2 groups of 4 pairs, the winners and runners up in each group played in semi-finals, with a final to decide the winners.  All matches were 9 ends, except the final had an extra end as it was a tie after 9 ends.


 Mike Kirk and Lee Banks     10    Susan Yates and Margaret Whittaker  4

Nigel Duckworth & Peter Russell  14  Jean Liversedge & Kevin Breen  3


Mike Kirk & Lee Banks  6  Nigel Duckworth & Peter Russell  7

Since only £16 was collected in entry fees, it was all paid out in prize money, £10 to the winners and £6 to the runners up.

Ian Harvey