Please see below the final positions for League Two.  Provisional dates for next winter have been pencilled in:

League 1, Phase 1 running Weds & Friday afternoons starting 5/10/22, ending 18/11/22.  12-3pm, 3 pairs matches.

I know the Friday matches will clash in some instances with Darwen Indoor matches, careful planning of team availability will be necessary to manage these dates.

Similarly we could run Phase 2 matches starting 1/2/23, Weds and Fri, finishing 17/3/23.

We could also run a floodlit league 2 on a Friday evening (not necessarily the same players as League 1), 7-9pm, 2 pairs matches, starting 13/1/23 running to 17/3/23 on Fridays then alternating Weds pm and Fri evening until 31/3/23.

I would appreciate your feedback on these dates (and on MUGA bowling in general) and whether you as existing captains would be willing to support League 1 Phases 1 and 2, plus League 2.

Andy Warman

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